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Alumni Services Section

  To date, graduates from National Pingtung University, (which include former National Pingtung University of Education and National Pingtung Institute of Commerce before renaming), has reached an alumni of tens of thousands, among whom are individuals from all walks of life with outstanding performance. As such, the University has established the “Alumni Service Division” to improve communications among alumni and to provide a host of different kinds of alumni services.
  Through this establishment of a general alumni association, alumni chapters in various regions, as well as alumni liaison centers, the network and camaraderie between individual alumni and the University can be built up.
For this purpose too, the Alumni Service Division will publish the “Pintung University Alumni Newsletter” at regular interval, providing our alumni with latest information, sharing of University’s resources and bridging for the University to her alumni.
  In addition, events such as alumni school reunions, alumni advice-sharing trips and the selection of distinguished alumni will also be held to enhance social networking among alumni, and to honor outstanding alumni who lend glory to the University.